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カナヲ vs ドマ ファン アニメ (モーション マンガ) 귀멸의 칼날 | ドマフルver. | |[Kimetsu no Yaiba]夢幻城アークトレーラー鬼滅の刃予告編[Demon Slayer]鬼滅の刃 夢幻城編 予告編 カナ VS ドマ ファンメイド 予告編 (モーション音楽使用: ミノタウロスの軍団「魔界交響曲 – ミノタウロスの軍団」) は、クリエイティブ コモンズ音楽 (CC BY-SA 3.0) の下にあります。BreakingCopyright: #KanaoVSdoma #ナンレブ #DemonSlayer

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Kanao vs Doma full ver.| Demon Slayer Trailer【鬼滅の刃無限城編予告 栗花落カナヲ vs 童磨(どうま) | Fan-Animation by Nanleb
Kanao vs Doma full ver.| Demon Slayer Trailer【鬼滅の刃無限城編予告 栗花落カナヲ vs 童磨(どうま) | Fan-Animation by Nanleb

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Kanao vs Doma full ver.| Demon Slayer Trailer【鬼滅の刃無限城編予告 栗花落カナヲ vs 童磨(どうま) | Fan-Animation by Nanleb。

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  1. ༄PeachybobaYT🌸 says:

    For all the ppl in comments saying Kanao is pillar level yes douma said that but it dosen't have to be true it could be his opinion also dont forget that Kanao only won this fight because of inosuke if he wasn't there she would've been gone long ago

  2. 真也 福田 says:


  3. Mithras 3851 says:

    After Seeing the Upper-rank meeting Doma stole the show, best design, best character and OMG his eyes.

  4. Big World🌍 TV says:

    Damn, this is crazy good woww, it's not even animated yet but look at this pure talent, keep it up, and we need more

  5. Saiko_Pearl says:

    Can I make an edit out of this (asking for permission)? It’s fine if you don’t want me too. I will give credits :).

  6. Patrick Ethelbert Pretal says:

    Spoiler Alert!

    When you realize douma is the only Upper Moon defeated by demon slayers without needing hashira mark.

  7. Bade su Yıldırım says:

    i would like to end the discussion here,i think kanao isnt stronger than shinobu. shinobu is a hashira girl who can't cut off her head and she does it with speed/agility/intelligence/push/stub strength.kanao killed him with the help of inosuke and if the shinobu didn't have poison, they definitely couldn't be eaten. The amount was weakened, but as you can see, she still fought even when her body was about to split in two. Also, her plan was for the doma to eat him. Maybe if that wasn't her plan, she could have shot more. When douma was saying that kanao was stronger, he didn't even know that he was poisoned. But shinobu is died now so she cant train more,kanao can and it means in the future, kanao will become stronger than shinobu.

  8. Hilo B25 says:

    I don't understand how douma is rank2 in upper moons,he fought n was killed by girls 🤦‍♂n inosuke.

  9. Gabriel Aarons says:

    Keep in mind that Kanao was already close to average Hashira level around the start of the series, and she just gets stronger as the story progresses. Meanwhile, Douma is just toying with her, and having fun, and casually takes her sword

  10. Blazing Phoenix says:

    What I love most about this series is that it's everyone working together to take down the demons it's not just one hero who's more powerful then everybody else and he takes down all the demons including the moons it's everyone working together to end this!!

  11. gilda aversa says:

    Can you do a final chapter animation tanjiro vs muzan? But the sad part at the end?.. your so talented!

  12. Gobta - kun_777 says:

    Once that fight scene was being animated for real. We Demon Slayer anime fans must be prepared to witness some epic battle that we've never seen before.

  13. PJM says:

    To think doma wasn't even serious here, he went out oh his way to disarm her instead of just killing her just to see the hopelessness in her eyes

  14. ProBestUltimateGamer says:

    Shouldn’t he be poisoned because he ate Shinobou and she held like 30-57 kg of poison

  15. ℂ𝕙𝕚𝕔𝕜𝕖𝕟 𝕟𝕦𝕘𝕘𝕖𝕥 says:

    Didn’t Inosuke come with because his mom died to with Doma


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