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Spokane RV Resort is a well-managed condominium RV resort community that has a coveted location, paved access from I-90 and attractive amenities including pool, recreational pavilion and reduced rate golf. Research shows that the trend, particularly amont baby boomers, will increase demand for well managed destination resorts.

Retirees are leaving behind their income tax states, high maintenance, highly taxed homes and opting for two affordable sites where they can escape maintenance responsibilities, seasonal extremes of hot and cold, and enjoy a retirement lifestyle among their peers.

Experience is proving that these destination resorts where folks come together seasonally accomplish at least two things. They encourage “family” type relationships that are rewarding for the participants and they stabilize the investment for well managed resorts.


Not using your space?

For those investors that don’t occupy their space during the full camping season, the site can be put in our rental management pool.

The Homeowner’s Association, through its By Laws, Board of Directors and Architectural Committee are dedicated to protecting the investment of each and every Site Owner.